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Dustin Aherin

I had the good fortune of getting to grow up in Idaho, where my family has resided for 5 generations. Being a proud Idahoan has kept me here, along with the natural beauty of the State. Having been employed as a guide in Idaho for 20 plus years, and not knowing what else I could do to earn a living, Idaho River Adventures was born. I stay involved with various efforts to protect and bring back Idaho’s endangered salmon and steelhead working with the Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition (SOS, as well as being the current president of the Middle Fork Outfitters Association. In my spare time I enjoy rafting and spending time with Clarabell, the Idaho River Adventures wonder dog.

Idaho River rafting guide


Brynn was raised in the Waterville Valley of New Hampshire and had her first dose of the Middle Fork in her early teen years on a trip with her aunt and uncle. That singular event has shaped her life since, first choosing to attend college in Boulder, Colorado, to be close to the rivers and mountains of the Rockies. After a couple of years learning the ropes as a river guide on the Arkansas River in Colorado, Brynn quickly transitioned to Idaho where she has guided on the Middle Fork for 15 years. Brynn has set down solid roots in Crested Butte, taking the leap of purchasing property and building a house. In the off season, Brynn is employed as a 4th grade teacher in the Crested Butte School District. In her free time she volunteers with the Crested Butte Ski Area’s Adaptive Sports Program and somehow finds time to mountain bike, hike and ski tour.

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Tim is a native of Long Island and still goes back to visit family from time to time. He still reverts to his accent if the joke warrants it, but is now firmly planted in Idaho. Tim came to the Middle Fork by way of the Arkansas River in Colorado, and fell in love with it and all of the surrounding beauty. Tim tells a good joke, sometimes a bit off color, but we are working on that. He can also give one heck of a geology talk and put you on a few of the Middle Fork’s native Westslope cutthroat trout. When he is not on the river, he is splitting time between Pocatelo, Idaho, where he puts his degree in nursing to use, and in Driggs, Idaho, where he puts his fishing and hiking talents to use.

middle fork salmon river outfitters


Greg comes to the Middle Fork from Chicago, by way of Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, where he took full advantage of the campus outdoor recreation programs, as well as their club hockey team. Greg lives outside of Bozeman, Montana, in the off season editing film, drying gear and planning his next adventure. Greg is a film maker focusing on films about public land and public land hunting. Greg’s desire is to affect social change through film, with time spent at Standing Rock and currently in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with the fire department. Greg also films for Idaho River Adventures. Check out his work at

middle fork salmon rafting


Branden has always loved water and boats. By the time he was in high school he had logged many days and nights on his father’s old cabin cruiser, fishing, water-skiing and just being on the water. As he got older, along with his friends, he started exploring the rivers of the Ozarks by canoe. Any chance he got, he would take off for an “expedition,” usually one whole night on the river. Eventually he got an old kayak and became a kayaker. His desire to explore came from the images seen in magazines like National Geographic. He wanted to make his own images and adventures, so he started toting a camera, trying to emulate the work of Tim Ernst, the great Arkansas landscape photographer.

salmon river rafting guide


Tom is originally from the great State of Nebraska (Go Big Red!), which is not exactly the white water mecca that Idaho is. After a move to Reno, Nevada, in the late 70’s, Tom answered an ad on a bulletin board looking for someone with a strong back and stronger work ethic. That began his guiding career on the rivers of California. The summer of 1980 found Tom on his way to Idaho for the first time and he has yet to leave, save for a bit of time visiting friends in almost every state. Tom currently resides in Salmon, Idaho, with his trusted dog Maverick, where he enjoys brewing beer, running rivers and working at Steele Memorial Hospital as a nurse in the off season.

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Alex brings an infectious smile and desire to discover all things new to her to everything she does. A Minnesota native Alex moved to Bozeman, Montana to attend Montana State University where she received her degree in chemical engineering, with a giant dose of adventure while she was at it. She spends her summers on the Middle Fork, winter ski patrolling at The Yellowstone Club, and fall and spring challenging herself with various adventure trips.

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Drew grew up running rivers in both California and Idaho, being the product of parents who were long-time guides. Some even say he is the product of a Middle Fork trip. Growing up in Lotus, California (with his brother, who is also a guide on the Middle Fork), Drew was encouraged to be outside exploring and finding his own way. College was spent in San Diego, where he spent time on the crew team while earning a degree in environmental studies. Drew now resides in Eugene, Oregon, in the off season and is getting set to further his education at the University of Oregon. Drew is a man of many interests and enjoys traveling, painting, eating healthy and planning for his future.

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Joseph comes from Spokane, Washington, where he grew up riding anything with wheels on it. After spending a few years trying to figure out what he wanted to be, Joseph ended up at the University of Montana, where he graduated with a degree in social work. Joseph enjoys traveling a bit in between river season and his winter work in a residential facility for at risk teens and young adults. Once river season hits, Joseph finds work on the Lochsa River in early Spring until we get going on the Middle Fork. Joseph is a very thoughtful fella who loves to help folks experience the Middle Fork and all it offers in a quiet and understated way.

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Taven is a life-long river person having grown up in Placerville, CA on the banks of the South Fork American River. Taven and Drew grew up together as it turns out with Taven the same age as Drew’s older brother and Drew the same age as Taven’s younger brother. Always smiling, Taven brings a very calm and happy approach to all aspects of our trips and we are very lucky to have him on the crew. Taven received a degree in horticulture from Montana State University and might actually put it to use someday.