2026 Rates & Dates

If the date you are looking for is full, please give us a call at 208-746-2221 and we will do everything we can to make sure you get to enjoy the greatest river in the world. If that means connecting you with another outfitter that shares our values and commitment, then that’s what we’ll do. Thank you.

Middle Fork Trips: On certain Middle Fork trips, due to weather and water conditions, a flight from Stanley, Idaho, to the river is required. The cost of this flight is not included ($140) in the trip fare unless otherwise noted.

Main Salmon Trips: We begin our Main Salmon trips in Salmon, ID at the Stagecoach Inn and finish in McCall, ID. You will need to plan to be in Salmon, ID at the Stagecoach Inn for a pre-trip orientation the evening prior to the start date of your trip. You can expect to be in McCall, ID by 2pm on the final day of your trip.

Middle Fork of the Salmon River

June 1-6$3126
June 10-15$3126
June 19-24$3126
June 28-July 3$3126
July 6-11$3126
July 14-19$3126
July 22-27$3126
July 30-August 4$3126
August 7-12$3126
August 15-20$3126
August 23-28$3126
August 31-September 5$3126

Main Salmon River

June 21-26$2350
June 29-July 4$2350
July 7-12$2350
July 15-20$2350
July 23-28$2350
July 31- August 5$2350
August 8-13$2350
August 16-21$2350
August 24-29$2350
September 1-6$2350