Best Idaho in Fall Activities


Every season welcomes an array of new activities in any given place, and Idaho in fall might just offer the most diverse variety of activities in each and every season. There is simply no shortage of things to do in the beautiful state. Below you will find our five favorite fall activities in Idaho.

5 Idaho in Fall Activities:

    1. Mountain Bike
    2. Photography
    3. Rafting
    4. Hot Springs
    5. Climbing


1. Mountain Bike Fisher Creek Loop

idaho fall mountain biking


Mountain Biking in Idaho during the fall is as good as it gets. The cooler temperatures make long rides more enjoyable and the fall colors are in full bloom. That being said, we believe the perfect fall MTB trail is Fisher Creek. Fisher Creek Loop is one of the best fall trails to ride in Idaho. With an elevation gain of 2,000 ft over the course of a 17-mile ride, it’s the perfect distance for intermediate and up-level riders. This ride is fun, flowy, and fast. Not to mention beautiful. The Fisher Creek Loop has all that you want in a good MTN bike trail.


2. Photograph the Sawtooth Mountains

sawtooth mountains
If you’re the type who likes to capture the fall foliage, you’re going to want to visit the Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho in the fall when the colors are changing. The best time to see colors in full bloom is going to be late September through late October. Bring your favorite camera, a pair of hiking boots, and capture some great photos. 

3. Raft the Middle Fork of the Salmon River with Idaho River Adventures

Exploring Idaho


This isn’t technically a “fall” activity, but IRA offers multi-night late summer Middle Fork of the Salmon River rafting trips that typically take place in late August/September. Late summer rafting trips qualify as fall because of the cooler temps, changing colors of the wilderness, and active wildlife. And who doesn’t want an epic rafting adventure paired with exquisite views? Rafting with IRA is one of the best experiences you could possibly have.

4. Soak in the many hot springs Idaho has to offer

Idaho Hot Springs


Idaho in fall is an ideal time to soak in a natural hot spring and Idaho is abundant in them. Some Idaho hot springs are more remote, requiring a brisk walk. Others are more easily accessible. Regardless, choose your own adventures. Some hot springs that we would recommend exploring are Kirkham Hot Springs, Goldbug Hot Springs, and Rocky Canyon Hot Springs. Read more about our favorite natural hot springs in Idaho


5. Climbing and Camping at City of Rocks

rock climbing idaho in fall


The City of Rocks is a National Reserve and State Park in south-central Idaho and it’s a fantastic location for rock climbing and camping in Idaho during Fall. As far as rock climbing goes, if you’re looking for large granite walls that cater to all skill levels, this is the place for you. We can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed by all the routes offered here.


Emily Knittel is a Montana based writer, mountain biker, and self-proclaimed professional hype girl. With a degree in Journalism, and an unshakable love for the outdoors, Emily writes to encourage a life of whimsy and adventure.

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