Years Guiding for Idaho River Adventures


Why do you guide?

Because being on the river is where I feel like my best, happiest, most authentic self.

When was your last unintentional whitewater swim?

Paddle guiding off the top I braced too hard without having my feet locked in and accidentally levered myself out of the boat at Murph's Hole. Quite embarrassing, but I believe I was back in before anyone noticed I was gone!

Favorite dish to cook on the river?

Our triple berry crisp dessert! And like any IRA guide worth her oars I revel in any opportunity to whisk up some fresh, hand whipped, whipped cream

Favorite river activity?

Any game that involves people unintentionally falling in the river.

What’s your life like off the river?

I love to be outside, mostly running around and playing in the mountains. I like to ski, run, bike, tour, and spend time with my wonderful friends and family.

Why do you guide for Dustin?

Dustin is the one of the most amazing people I've ever met, and the greatest boss I've ever had. I am honored to guide for Dustin because he cares about the Middle Fork like few people could. To him this river and it's surrounding wilderness are a home and he takes every opportunity to advocate for this incredibly sacred landscape and ecosystem. Lastly IRA isn't just a company to Dustin, it's a family and he treats everyone who joins us on the river as such. He makes me very proud to be a river guide.

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